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PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment: Guidance and a recommended methodology By BSI Standards
BSI Standards | ISBN 0580506835 | 2007 Year | PDF | 4 Mb | 100 Pages


This publicly available specification (PAS) provides a comprehensive nine-step approach for conducting and recording fire risk assessments in buildings and parts of buildings to which the Workplace Fire Precautions legislation applies. It applies to three legislative areas: England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The nine steps include obtaining the relevant information, identifying the hazards, considering the appropriate control measures, reviewing the fire protection measures, assessing fire safety management and much more.

The nine steps will help provide organisations with a suggested methodology for meeting their legislative responsibilities and  promote better understanding of the fire risks and fire safety. It will encourage the adoption of a common system for carrying out fire risk assessments and establish a common basis for the documentation of fire risk assessments. Having benchmarked the legislative requirements it will enable the assessor to adopt their own individual approach and format their own documentation according to their business practices.





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