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Fire Retardancy of Polymers By T Richard Hull, Baljinder K Kandola
Royal Society of Chemistry | ISBN 0854041494 | 2008 Year | PDF | 17 Mb | 456 Pages


Globally, fire retardants are needed to satisfy a multibillion dollar market and fire retardancy of polymeric materials is an important component of fire safety. This book covers the latest developments in new fire retardant systems including nanoparticulate fillers, sometimes combined with conventional fire retardants; intumescent formulations and their recent applications in bulk polymers, fibres and textiles; test-methods for material flammability; material-specific aspects of combustion, smoke and toxicity. This book will update fire retardant materials' developers with the latest in research and design. It will also provide information for groups from environmentalists looking for alternatives to brominated flame retardants to engineers needing to use fire safe materials in their projects.





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